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A Pagan/Wiccan/Wicca, etc, Add me Community

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Merry Meet
xsilverfoxx wrote in pagan_add_me
 Been following a Wiccan path for close to 10yrs now. Hoping to find more like minded people online and eventually in my area. :D

Blessed Be.

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I always enjoy meeting a new friend on the paths.

I've decided to primarily use my blogger, found a lot of people there. Maybe you'll find me there sometime. :D


Blessed Be

Hello fellow follower of the path.

I've been a Wiccan for a few years now and have been looking for people to talk to about the craft.People who can help me understand a little better..I have a few friends who are also Wiccan but they don't know much about it..Any people who wanna be my friend welcome and Blessed Be =)

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