Kristy (ofwinterspast) wrote in pagan_add_me,

Salutations!  I'm here looking for others to join me in conversations of philosphical and spiritual matters.  ......let me start at the beginning.....

I'm Kristy.  A long time pagan, I've been following a Kemetic path for the last eight years or so. If you aren't familiar with Kemeticism or Kemetic Reconstructionism...don't worry...I get that a lot.  ^_^  If it helps just replace Kemetic with Egyptian, as that's what it means. 

This won't be super long as I have other things to attend to.  I do hope I'll find some people to chat with.  For my other interests outside of paganism to see if we mesh on other levels feel free to check out my interests on my user info page. 

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