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Welcome to pagan_add_me!!
There are tons of add me communities here on lj, and quite a few pagan-based. But.. the most active one was last updated in may.

So I decided to make one myself. I also decided to do this a little differently.
Here's the rules:
-*- Please post an introduction. Doesn't matter when, as long as you do.
-*- You are welcome to advertise your paganism/etc based communities and wares here. Even if you're just Pagan and have some stuff to sell. It is, however, required that you PM or ASK THE MOD FIRST. If you have not asked the moderator before making this post, your post will be deleted. It's just common courtesy to ask me first!
-*- DO NOT FLAME. If you don't agree with someone's religious choices, then don't add them. Move on. Ignore the post. Anyone caught flaming WILL BE BANNED. Nooo exceptions. This community is about love and loving, and love should be shared.
-*- All pictures MUST be under an lj-cut.

Simple, huh? Yeah, I thought so.